Inversor, in its nature of seeking a financial return as well as a significant and sustainable social and environmental impact, measures impact as part of the Fund´s performance measures. The definition, development and implementation of social strategies and indicators takes place at the very beginning of the investment´s operation is monitored constantly in order to guarantee the desired impact.

Because of a thorough analysis of potential investment opportunities, Inversor managed to structure a portfolio of five companies from different sectors aligned with the Fund´s philosophy and investment strategy.

Company Sector Social and Environmental Impact Lines
Employment Generation for Vulnerable Population Development of Local Providers

Development of Regional Tourism

Environmental Management
(LEED Certification)

Environmental Services
Employment Generation for Vulnerable Population

Waste Management


Employment Generation for Vulnerable Population

Urban Green Areas

Employment Generation for Vulnerable Population

Development for Local Farmers

Environmental Management  (Organic Production)

Urban Mobility Services

Employment Generation for Vulnerable Population

Quality of Life and Savings

Pollution Reduction

Impact Methodologies

The Fund is rated by the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) which defines a clear perspective of the Fund´s impact generate by each of the companies and by the Fund itself.

  • GIIRS is an initiative that evaluates the social and environmental impact of funds and portfolio companies with the purpose of measuring and comparing performance. The highest possible score is 200 meaning a score over 160 is considered “outstanding”.
  • GIIRS seeks to provide a methodology and indicators for impact measurement that are transparent, comparable, and easy to use.
  • Inversor is the first Colombian Fund to be rated by this initiative.
Rating 2014 2015 2016
Waya 153,7 143,0 143,1
Gaia 134,4 144,0 176,1
Groncol 111,2 156,0 142,4
Fruandes 89,0 140,2
Mejor en Bici 154,1
Total Portfolio 141,0 135,8 149,5
Total GP 130,0 160,5 172,0
Total Fund 139,9 138,3 151,8

Inversor is included in the top 5
of BFTWF in emerging markets
for the second year in a row.

Emerging Market
India Financial
Inclusion Fund
Platinum 5 Star
MicroVest* Gold 5 Star
FCP Inversor Gold 5 Star
MicroVest* Gold 5 Star
Catalyst Microfinance
Platinum 5 Star